olare et laborare

Scientific Love

Super saturated as I am with love for you

I would nit but write to you my problem

This love in me is irreversible reaction

That went to completion under the catalytic inducing

influence of distilled moonlight

So here I understand for your analysis

Crystallize me honey, precipitate and distil me swirry

Filter me and you will find that my love

For you is as clear as the second lwa of thermodynamics

When  I look at you my hear starts beating

Like an internal combustion engine

Using low ethane benzene

I feel you attracting me like force

Similar to the affinity of hydrogen for chlorine

So why are you behaving as if

We are two immiscible liquids


I can never dissolve your image from my mind

For no sooner for you evaporate than you condense

Again and come to my imagination

Your eyes are pure as crystalline carbon


As brown as ferrous oxide.

Your air as lustrous as nylon

And as fragrant as phonoethyl alcohol

You are more precious than gold

More valuable than uranium

And more activethan radium


The irresistable electrons of your radiactive


Have chosen my cardiac cavity as their target

And have bombarded me with unseen atoms of love

Causing it protoplasm to become better particles

That always follow the direction of your motives

You are my dearest, prettiest more cherished

My most amiable molecule.

Maxwell Imweno,2S,2013

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