olare et laborare

A Pregnant School Girl

He paid for her seat in the matatu

and walked away

as he disappeared in the city growd

all her dreams vanished.


One more passenger squeezed in

and lit a cigarette

she opened the window

and spat cold saliva out

as the cigarette smoke intensified


she remembered the warm nights

when she was with her man's pet

she remembered the promises

tha gifts, the parties, the dances


she remembred her classmates at school

who envied her expensive shoes

lipstick, wrist watch, handbag

which she brought to school after a weekwith him


the future sttod against her

dark like a night without the moon

and silent like the end of the world


as the matatu sped away from the city

she began to tremble with fear

wondering what he rparents would say


with all hope found

she felt like a corpse

going to be buried


Emmanuel Sirengo, 4A,013

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