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Kibabii Boys High School continues to straddle the echelons of academic success like a colossus. Having been established as a technical training college in 1958 and as high school in 1952; Kibabii remains the paragon of what academic success entails. It is dedicated to providing quality education to all.

Kibabii High School is ensured that the academic development of students in collaboration with other aspects of physical,social and spiritual growth. It is for this reason that the school has continued to produce impeccable results year in year out. Surely the students' deserve a pat on their backs for their unparalleled collaboration with us. Over the years the school has made tremendous improvements, thanks to our progress minded staff. But this has not yet quenched our thirst to see fruition of our targets. So this is why we declare it will forever be "Forwards always and backwards never" and the sky is only the beginning and never will it be the limit for a school of our calibre.

The school aims at giving forth-prominent personalities instrumental in societal advancement as envisaged in our mission to produce cultured and productive of the society and this is why we employ a meticulous approach to learning. The school does not condone anti-waywardness, as nothing should be allowed to hamper our efforts in slaying the academic dragon. All students should know that the only different between an extra ordinary performer and the ordinary performer is the word 'extra and that failure is the inverse success. Remember the word "Impossible" only exists in a fool's dictionary and surmounting the insurmountable is for courageous. Success belongs to those with temerity to go for it.

May I thank the school clubs under the able tutelage of clubs co-ordinators Madam Wamukota who has provided exemplary coordination of the clubs. Special regards goes to the journalism club, which by far the most active club in the school. I would like to thank the club for being a good ambassador of the school.

We are in the process of completing a multi-modern dorm project that we will help us solve the problems of congestion in the dorms. We currently have a shortage in the number of available teachers who are able to sufficiently meet the needs of our student's population that voracious appetite for learning. We have appealed to commission and employ more teachers to at least solve this problem.

May the Lord shower our dear St. Mary's Kibabii High School with blessings.

By Mathews Naminwa



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Message from Principal -Mr. Mathews Naminwa

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