olare et laborare

African proverb, What a Rich lesson

Everyday in the African savannah

A gazelle wakes up, it knows that it

Must run faster than the fastest lion

Or it will be killed. Every morning

In the African savannah a lion wakes up.

it knows that it must outrun the slowest


or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter

Whether it is a lion or a gazelle,

When the sun comes up theyy must better start running.

We are surrounded by challenges every morning

When we wake up. For us to survive

We should alwasy wake up knowing

We must run faster than the challenges we face.

We must be faster than what threatens our


We must overcome our problems for us to

survive and win.

the achievers wake up in the exam day

Knowing that it's day to overcome

All problems they face in that exam room.

Edwin W. Simiyu, 2N,013

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